Talking High Quality Swiss Fake Watches With Jimmy O. Yang, Comedian, Writer, And ‘Silicon Valley’ Star

I first became aware of Jimmy O. Yang because of his role on Silicon Valley as Jian-Yang, a character whose occasionally menacing, always scene-stealing deadpan made the HBO series a must-watch comedy. From there, the Hong Kong-born actor, comic, and writer went on to the silver screen (Crazy Rich Asians), an Amazon stand-up special (Good Deal), a sitcom opposite Steve Carell and John Malkovich (Space Force), and most recently, a starring role in the holiday-season rom-com Love Hard.

Jimmy O. Yang is a best US replica watches guy through and through, something you can sense pretty quickly when you watch his work. It’s easy to spot the red and blue bezel of his Pepsi GMT, a watch he says is his favorite to wear when performing stand-up, and the G-Shock he personally selected for his catfishing character, Josh Lin, in Love Hard.

But while many collectors make a hobby of accumulating hard facts and reference numbers, Yang seems pleasantly relaxed about it all. He’s having fun with perfect fake watches. And he likes what he likes, whether it be his two vintage Rolex pieces (the other is a Tiffany-stamped Datejust) or the Panerai-like Marc Jacobs he got at Nordstrom before his first televised stand-up performance. Sure, some of the more recent acquisitions are pricier than some of the earlier ones, but there’s nothing snobbish about this collection.

Two-Tone Rolex Datejust Replica Watches With Tiffany Stamp

Yang’s next big watch purchase was another vintage Rolex, this time  two-tone luxury fake Rolex Datejust watches with Jubilee bracelet and Tiffany-stamped dial. Yang purchased the elegant gold and steel model at the Los Angeles vintage watch store Wanna Buy A Watch? When he tried it on, it fit perfectly, without any bracelet resizing. While he doesn’t wear his DJ quite as often as his GMT, Yang loves the clean look when paired with beige clothing. Of course, the highly desirable Tiffany stamp on its dial is what sets this cheap copy Rolex Datejust watches apart from the pack.

Omega Speedmaster 38 Replica Watches, Gifted By Steve Carell

And here we have Swiss made replica Omega Speedmaster 38 watches, gifted to Yang and his fellow Space Force castmates by Steve Carell. Yang likens this watch to a tuxedo due to its beauty and elegance. On the back, it’s engraved “For J.O Love S.C.” Given the subject matter of the show, the super clone Omega Speedmaster watches wholesale online is a most appropriate and thoughtful gift, and one that Yang treasures.

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