A Classic Reborn – Swiss Replica Omega CK 859 Specialties Numbered Edition 511.

Vintage replica watches for sale offer a different style than that of a new watch. Over time, designs change and morph to fit current trends and fashion, leaving behind a trail of high quality fake watches that are looked at with a bit of nostalgia.

Last year, aaa quality replica Omega released the CK 859, a numbered edition that reached back to the 1930s to recall a gorgeous sector dial with long sword hands, vintage numerals, and the old-school Omega logo. Offering every bit of the style you get from a vintage watch, Swiss movement copy Omega ported that aesthetic to the modern era by opting for a 39mm case width. The white metal dial has a silvery undertone that comes from the fact it is made from .925 silver. On the reverse side is a top super clone Omega METAS manual wind movement with Geneva waves radiating from the central ruby.

With the original run of watches quickly selling out before being discontinued, the Omega CK 859 replica for men has held its value in the aftermarket and showed that some vintage styling can truly be timeless.

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