Swiss Made Fake Omega Speedmasters With Additional Complications

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Awatchmaker once told me that designing a chronograph movement is more challenging than other complications or mechanisms (including a tourbillon). We often take a chronograph movement for granted, but it is a beautiful example of microengineering. The perfect replica Omega Speedmaster chronograph (not all Speedmasters are chronographs, by the way) is already an exciting watch, but some variations come with an additional complication.

Speedmasters with additional complications
In this article, I will touch upon several luxury fake Omega Speedmasters that had complications on top of the chronograph mechanism. I will leave out the 1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster X-33 as the complications on that watch are mainly digital and a matter of programming.

A 24-hour hand
The first AAA quality replica Omega Speedmaster with an extra complication on top of the chronograph was the Mark III. It was introduced in 1971, and inside was the Lemania-based Omega 1040 movement featuring a date and a 24-hour hand. The 1973 high quality fake Omega Speedmaster 125 used Omega’s caliber 1041, which was a chronometer-certified version. In 1974, Omega added another complication on top of the 24-hour hand and date. The caliber 1045-based Speedmasters (Mark 4.5 and Mark V) have a day indicator as well as the complications from caliber 1040/1041. The later Omega Speedmaster “Mark 40” replica watches online also have these complications based on an ETA/Valjoux movement.