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Strap Check: Does The AAA Best Replica Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope Watches Clasp Fit The Regular Moonwatch?

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It’s safe to say the new 3861-equipped high quality replica Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches caused a big splash at Fratello. Since the launch in January 2021, at least four team members obtained Omega’s first Master Chronometer Moonwatch. All smiles, then? Well, overall, yes. The Speedmaster is one of my most prized possessions, and not just in terms of perfect Swiss fake watches collecting. Every time I wear it, I can’t help but spend some “me time” ogling its many intricacies. However, on the wrist, a niggling feature, or lack thereof, began permeating my psyche and spoiling the wearing experience. In this somewhat different Strap Check article, I aim to tackle my reservations about the bracelet and remedy them with a solution. Does it work? Read on to find out.

As far as opinions go, it was pretty clear that the outgoing 2020 1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster watches bracelet was not to everyone’s taste. Replacing the reference 1479 in 1996, the 1499 bracelet saw gentle iterations over its nearly 25-year reign. The changes include screw links replacing pins and collars, as well as studier machining techniques. While later variations had a subtle taper from the 20mm end links to 18mm, the clasp still felt clunky and disproportionate to the case. In 2019, the Moonshine Apollo XI demonstrated alternative metal options to complement the Speedmaster case. Even though the bracelet references the cheap online copy Omega Speedmaster ref. BA145.022-69 watches design from 1969, the style was fresh and exciting. The fit and finish set the bar against its vintage counterpart and the contemporary Moonwatch. So much so, in fact, that in 2021, a similar bracelet design became the de facto pairing for the stainless steel Moonwatch.

Link to a new era

The new bracelet flows from the Speedy case with far more fluidity. The aesthetic appears more refined with female end links and a dramatic taper from 20mm to 15mm at the clasp. The hulking mass of steel that was the outgoing Moonwatch bracelet seems ungainly in comparison. While it still has a subset of fans, I think we can agree the new bracelet has a reduced visual weight. Not long after praising the current construction, nay-sayers pointed out the omission of an easy-adjust clasp. Easy-adjust or comfort extension refers to a button or slider that allows a degree of bracelet length adaptability without using tools. Sure, there are dual pinholes on either side of the new Moonwatch clasp. A pin, spring bar tool, or even a cocktail stick can extend or shorten the bracelet by shifting the connection closer to the edge or further into the clasp.

But when using the outer clasp holes, I find the step down of the T-shape link disrupts the flow of the bracelet. Besides that, on-the-fly adjustments exist to give your wrist some breathing space on a whim. My wrist was swelling recently on a plane journey, even though my heart rate was regular and I was reasonably cool. Bringing a sharp spring bar tool may raise the alarm and divert the trip to the nearest airport. Not only that, fumbling with spring bars in a tight airline seat is fraught with danger. Even the most careful approach could send a spring airborne through the cabin. But the discomfort I began feeling was unbearable. I took the Speedmaster off a few times but couldn’t exactly sleep soundly, knowing a fellow passenger could make off with my replica watches for sale. On-the-fly (pun intended) adjustment would’ve been ideal in this scenario.

Chronoscope clasp — PUSH to slide

It’s not like push sliders are a new concept at Swiss movements Omega super clone watches. The Planet Ocean and Seamaster Diver 300M have many diving-extension capabilities. The omission on the latest Moonwatch was compounded when in September of the same year, Omega launched the top US fake Omega Speedmaster Chronoscope watches. The offshoot Speedmaster with a historic model name has a dazzling array of timing scales. But don’t let the dial or new caliber distract you from a hidden detail. Within the Chronoscope clasp is the coveted “PUSH” button that Moonwatch wearers, myself included, longed for. Not everyone agrees about the extension button, as RJ explains in his Moonwatch “year on the wrist” article here:

“It would have been nice to have an easy adjustment system, but perhaps the clasp would become too bulky. I don’t know. Either way, I rarely resize my bracelets, but I know some of you that have been waiting for a proper adjustment mechanism will just have to keep on waiting.”

The design of the Chronoscope bracelet is remarkably similar to that of the Moonwatch. And seeing the mechanism implemented flawlessly in a similarly sized clasp had me yearning to experiment. After a quick stop at my local authorized dealer, my order was in place for the separate Chronoscope clasp. For clarity, the part reference is 117STZ013899, and I paid £162.62 — this price may vary in your local currency. I was surprised to see how closely it resembled the Moonwatch clasp when it arrived. The grooves on the outer side and the logo that teeters over the edge are precisely the same. While we reported that Chronoscope clasp is 16mm wide, this clasp is 15mm, the same as that of the Moonwatch.

Get ready for numbers

The wheels were now set in motion, with the initial measurements looking good to swap the clasps — until I hit a substantial roadblock. While the bracelets appear similar, the Chronoscope clasp’s central connecting arm is slightly wider by 2mm. The 7mm central connecting bar is too wide to fit in the 5mm gap in the Moonwatch links. Therefore, the Chronoscope clasp as it comes out of the box will not attach to the Moonwatch. Luckily, the entire folding arm element is removable via a spring bar on both versions, which also share the same 12.5mm internal gap. By swapping this part, I was indeed able to affix both sides of the bracelet to the clasp. Now, the push of a button lets me extend the links by 2.3mm (half a link) when on the move without tools. The Chronoscope clasp also doesn’t have pinholes on the sides, so it cleans up the overall design.

Streamlining the look was not the primary goal, but it is a surprising benefit. The 4mm shroud over the extension side hides the T-shape link even when fully extended. With this shroud, the clasp is longer at 33mm versus 29mm, but it allows for continuous lines from bracelet to clasp. But as comfort was the main attraction for buying the clasp, how does it stack up? RJ believes that a bracelet is set for good once he sizes it. But with my luxury replica Omega Moonwatches, I often found it too tight by removing one link and too loose when I put it back in. Even with relatively small links, the variance was frustrating. The outer pinholes were an option, but I was not too fond of the unsightly T-shape link that broke the flow between the components. The Chronoscope clasp solved both issues by adjusting on the fly for any wrist variance and hiding the mechanism.

Final thoughts on the Chronoscope clasp

It’s not a perfect solution, however. When the clasp is closed, the folding arm of the Chronoscope is designed to fit flush on either side of the “PUSH” button. The Moonwatch’s broader outer folding arm components sit on top of the button instead of neatly slotting on either side. It’s no problem for closing and securing the clasp, but it raises it slightly by 2mm on the bottom of the wrist. From the package I received, it appears I’m missing a link that would connect the Chronoscope arm to the existing Moonwatch bracelet. But as this did not arrive as part of the order, I am seeking to order this separately. The reference for this component is 118STZ013110. I can’t see this damaging the PUSH mechanism, but I couldn’t give my 100% endorsement to fitting the Chronoscope clasp to the Moonwatch until I have tested this part. But RJ has already alluded that an official upgrade with the PUSH button may be coming to the Moonwatch soon:

“…Omega will also come up with an upgraded clasp like this for the regular steel Omega Speedmaster Professional replica watches store site. Current owners of that watch will be able to replace theirs as well with the new clasp. But all in due time — Omega could not give us a timeline for this upgrade.”

We’ll see if this comes to fruition, but there are promising signs considering the new Moonshine gold with green dial/green bezel and golden panda models both implemented the comfort-adjust feature. This is a good option for current wholesale fake Omega Speedmaster Moonwatches owners that want a little toolless adaptability throughout the day. As mentioned, the clasp component reference is 117STZ013899, and the price is £162.62.

Talking High Quality Swiss Fake Watches With Jimmy O. Yang, Comedian, Writer, And ‘Silicon Valley’ Star

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I first became aware of Jimmy O. Yang because of his role on Silicon Valley as Jian-Yang, a character whose occasionally menacing, always scene-stealing deadpan made the HBO series a must-watch comedy. From there, the Hong Kong-born actor, comic, and writer went on to the silver screen (Crazy Rich Asians), an Amazon stand-up special (Good Deal), a sitcom opposite Steve Carell and John Malkovich (Space Force), and most recently, a starring role in the holiday-season rom-com Love Hard.

Jimmy O. Yang is a best US replica watches guy through and through, something you can sense pretty quickly when you watch his work. It’s easy to spot the red and blue bezel of his Pepsi GMT, a watch he says is his favorite to wear when performing stand-up, and the G-Shock he personally selected for his catfishing character, Josh Lin, in Love Hard.

But while many collectors make a hobby of accumulating hard facts and reference numbers, Yang seems pleasantly relaxed about it all. He’s having fun with perfect fake watches. And he likes what he likes, whether it be his two vintage Rolex pieces (the other is a Tiffany-stamped Datejust) or the Panerai-like Marc Jacobs he got at Nordstrom before his first televised stand-up performance. Sure, some of the more recent acquisitions are pricier than some of the earlier ones, but there’s nothing snobbish about this collection.

Two-Tone Rolex Datejust Replica Watches With Tiffany Stamp

Yang’s next big watch purchase was another vintage Rolex, this time  two-tone luxury fake Rolex Datejust watches with Jubilee bracelet and Tiffany-stamped dial. Yang purchased the elegant gold and steel model at the Los Angeles vintage watch store Wanna Buy A Watch? When he tried it on, it fit perfectly, without any bracelet resizing. While he doesn’t wear his DJ quite as often as his GMT, Yang loves the clean look when paired with beige clothing. Of course, the highly desirable Tiffany stamp on its dial is what sets this cheap copy Rolex Datejust watches apart from the pack.

Omega Speedmaster 38 Replica Watches, Gifted By Steve Carell

And here we have Swiss made replica Omega Speedmaster 38 watches, gifted to Yang and his fellow Space Force castmates by Steve Carell. Yang likens this watch to a tuxedo due to its beauty and elegance. On the back, it’s engraved “For J.O Love S.C.” Given the subject matter of the show, the super clone Omega Speedmaster watches wholesale online is a most appropriate and thoughtful gift, and one that Yang treasures.

Answering The “Dirty” Question — Are Cheap Swiss Omega Speedmaster Fake Watches A Good Investment?

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Whether a watch is a good investment or not isn’t something only flippers care about. I find that those looking to make their first big purchase also consider this question as well. Buying one’s first luxury 1:1 replica watches is often a big deal, and many people simply want to spend their money wisely. It’s no fun to find out your expensive watch lost 50% of its value the second it left the boutique. Although I think buying Swiss made fake watches strictly based on investment potential is what made today’s market so messy, it does play a role in the mindset of many potential buyers out there.

An Omega Speedmaster as investment

Despite the hype around the Snoopy from 2015, that watch still somewhat represented a niche within a niche. Only those interested in replica watches online wholesale knew about that Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award (although we enthusiasts like to think differently). For a few years after, we occasionally received questions about investing in Swiss movements fake Omega Speedmaster watches. But since the introduction of the 2020 Speedmaster Snoopy 50th Anniversary and the new Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Master Chronometer, we now receive the big question daily — is an Omega Speedmaster a good investment?

Strong price development

I must admit, high quality Omega Speedmaster copy watches can be a very good investment. But that’s mainly because I bought many of mine a long time ago. A good example is the Speedmaster Professional Tintin. That’s a watch that I purchased for around €2,200 in Japan in 2017. These days, that model fetches over €15,000. Or what about my Snoopy Award from 2003 that I purchased for €5,000 in 2013 (at already more than its original retail price of €3,400)? Today, that perfect replica Omega watches is hitting the €20,000 mark easily. Even “our own” Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday models have seen quite remarkable price development on the secondary market.

Two years ago, we sold some NOS (New Old Stock) 2022 super clone Omega Speedmaster Professional limited edition watches in our own Fratello shop. Even though we priced them according to the market back then, their buyers would not lose any money if they sold them today.

It can be annoying

The problem is, of course, that we don’t have a crystal ball. We can’t predict the future, and we’re not financial advisors either. I could never have imagined the Snoopy from 2003 or even the one from 2015 would go for absurd prices. Buying a discontinued limited/special edition from the past for a deal is becoming tougher every month, it seems. Not too long ago, one could very easily pick up the First Omega in Space model at a discount. But since its discontinuation, it has made quite a jump in value. Even the Speedmasters that garnered no interest for the longest time have increased rapidly. The “From The Moon To Mars” edition is a perfect example. And it’s especially annoying for those who want to purchase these replica watches shop site to wear them. After all, not every collector just wants them as investment pieces.

The Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz skyrocketed

I missed out on the Apollo XI 45th anniversary, for example. It has gone up so much (around €11-12K) that I can’t justify it anymore. Another one, and perhaps an even more extreme example, was the Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz from 2010. The retail price was already quite high at the time — €3,000 on top of the regular Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch, just for a different dial. Granted, it is a meteorite dial, but today’s price is well over €25,000. In hindsight, it’s a perfect example of an excellent investment.

And even today, if you get your Speedmaster Calibre 321 or Speedmaster Silver Snoopy 50th Anniversary at retail, you would be able to flip it and earn a few grand. However, I hope you don’t, and you keep the top fake watches and wear it.

The regular Moonwatch is going steady

Most of the time, however, the question of buying a Speedmaster as an investment relates to either the current Moonwatch Master Chronometer or the previous Moonwatch reference 311. Some authorized dealers still have the latter in stock. The last official retail price on that replica watches for sale was €4,900, but the average price on Chrono24, the biggest online watch market, is now €5,700. The Moonwatch Master Chronometer on a stainless steel bracelet starts at approximately €6,700 (depending on which country you buy it in, as the VAT might be different).

You might take a little dip at first when purchasing this watch at retail. But the truth is that big discounts are not that common anymore on new Speedmaster models. Also, with periodical increases in price, the dip will disappear after a while as well. I rarely sell best quality fake watches from my personal collection, but I have never lost money when selling a Speedmaster.

Asking whether it’s a good investment while having no plans to sell it

A few years ago, a friend of mine named Anne wanted to purchase an Omega Speedmaster Professional from the birth year of her son. She had started her own business — and successfully, at that — and wanted to celebrate by purchasing a nice watch for herself that she could gift to her son later on. She wanted a reference 3570.50 from 2007, so we looked on Chrono24 and were able to source one for her. Of course, she also asked whether it would at least maintain its value or increase in the future.

What she paid at the time, I think in 2016, was the going price for a pre-owned Moonwatch ref. 3570.50 for a long time. In the last 12 months, however, it has seen a steep increase as well. She has no plans to sell it and wears it as her everyday China replica watches. However, as it will be gifted to her son at some point, I think it reassured her that she made a good decision in buying this watch. She paid a little above the average price (see the chart below), but the watch was in NOS condition — one of her requirements.

According to the Watch Collection tool on Chrono24, the average price of the reference 3570.50 is now around €4,370. Now, these charts are somewhat an indication of the going prices for these AAA fake watches. Some think there’s a lot of room for negotiation, but Chrono24’s CEO also showed me the actual sales prices for certain references. Based on the transactions done, it is safe to say that, in general, there’s not that much difference between asking prices and selling prices.

Go vintage

So, if you’re in it to quickly flip your watch, I’m convinced the standard Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Master Chronometer is not interesting to you. But if you just want to make sure your money is well spent, I think you can’t go wrong with the current model. The market for certain vintage Speedmasters, however, is where, admittedly, the biggest investment potential lies. Now, trying to purchase a Speedmaster CK2915, CK2998, or even 105.003 and assuming it might still double or triple in the future is a risky gamble. It’s also a very capital-intensive one, I would say. To those interested in a vintage Speedmaster with a somewhat affordable price tag that will still develop nicely in value, I suggest you look into the last tritium Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch models from the 1990s. With these, you will also have the big advantage of finding full sets with boxes and papers as well.

I even believe that Speedmaster Professional reference 145.022 from the 1970s and early 1980s are solid investments today. Although the prices on most of these 145.022 iterations hasn’t increased as steeply as on some of the limited editions, they have shown rather healthy price development over the years.

In the end, I think your investment should be in enjoying your passion for replica watches paypal. I truly dislike people buying a new limited-edition or limited-production Speedmaster (besides the fixed number, there’s not really a difference) just to make a quick buck. It’s not that I don’t want them to make money. What bothers me is that it is at the cost of the true collectors and enthusiasts who are unable to purchase the watch they want to wear. But if you just want to make sure your money is well spent, and you have no intentions of selling the watch anyway, I don’t see anything wrong with asking whether a Speedmaster is a good investment. It’s all about the context of the question.